Women’s day

Women’s day

13 July 2016 0 By admin

Women’s day is the most significant one, for its known history, but also for its true importance, in this day we, InternationalFlora, have thought to give You some advice, a list of flowers and meanings for this event.

The Azalea is the true “Femininity” with its pink colour.

The White Camelia expresses the being of a woman “Adorable”.

The Dalia transmits the “positivity” of the woman with its pink colour.

The White Gardenia is “Sincerity”.

The lily indicates the “Purity” divine with its pink colour.

The Sunflower expresses “Joy” infinite for the colour yellow.

The pink Magnolia represents the “Dignity and Perseverance” of Women.

Daisies express the true “Simplicity and Purity” of a Woman for their white colour.

The Mimosa is the “Perfect Gift” for its colour and its history.

The White Orchid is a true elixir of love of “Eternal Youth”.

The Primrose also indicates the ‘”Eternal Youth” with its colour Yellow.

Tulips with their variegated colours represent the “Beauty” of the Woman.

Roses in shades of orange express “Energy” while with yellow “jealousy”, white “chastity”. Red the true “Passion”, lastly the sweet pink the “Happiness and Admiration” which shows the Woman.