Tips for the care of cut flowers

Tips for the care of cut flowers

22 June 2016 0 By admin

A wonderful, bright and fragrant Bouquet is certainly one of the most appreciated gifts in any occasion; for a birthday, an anniversary, a degree, for thanks or most commonly for Valentine’s Day. The only flawis that cut flowers wither quickly and they tend to lose light in few hours, giving way to dried leaves and falling petals.

Despite this we can take a few small tricks, testing our green thumb, in order to maintein fresh as long as possible also cut flowers.

Here we have some useful tips to follow so that Your Bouquet will last as long as possible.

After washing a vase, put immediately Your flowers into the clean water and possibly fresh. Flower stems have to be trimmed with regularity so that the water is absorbed in the best way: it is advisable to cut the stems obliquely 2-3 cm from the bottom. It is important that the water is often changed in order not to rot it, so at most every 2 days. It is necessary to remove the leaves under the level of the water because they are the main source of growth of fungi and bacteria which cause afterwards the withering of cut flowers.

A valid remedy in order to decelerate the degradation of the flowers is the use of a natural antibacterial that is 1 tablespoon of vinegar for each liter of water and to feed them add 1 tablespoon brown sugar.

It is important to place adequately the vase of the flowers in order not to expose it to heat sources, lamps or direct sunlight, but in a well-ventilated area so that it can breathe without being damaged.