Tips for the care of houseplants

Tips for the care of houseplants

22 June 2016 0 By admin

In order that Your plants remain fresh and healthy, it is appropriate to adopt some remedies in order not to make them look sickly and to keep longer their bloom.

Firt of all we need to find a suitable location for the plant: not too exposed to direct sunlight, nor in front of a jet of air conditioning. In order to have a lot of light, position the plant in front of a window exposed east-west. For a soft light, a window exposed south is ideal. And to have few light, position the plant in front of a window north.

The water can be the main cause of the death of  plant: if it watered excessively or conversely too little, the plant suffers and perishes. Some plants, like succulents and cactuses, don’t need much water, once every two weeks or more. During winter months, when the air is drier, it is advisable to moisten the plants with water splash by from a spray container or use an humidifier to provide them with higher humidity.

It is advantageous to wipe with a soft cloth and a biological insecticide cleaner once every 2-3 months in order to protect the plants from pests and dust. We recommend you not to use feather duster to clean the plants, because it can transmit from plant to plant parasites and bacteria contaminating all your plants in one fell swoop.

A tip not to be overlooked is to prune the plants also if they grow in the house in vases, because it will give them a more healthy and bright aspect.