The meaning of colours

The meaning of colours

2 July 2016 0 By admin

Besides occasions we have to keep in mind the importance and the meaning of the colour which together with a determined flower assumes a precise connotation.

Red: expresses the bright and passionate love, the boldness and the strong ambition for victory, it is also symbol of irritation and strong-willed personality. Giving a red flower expresses at best the own love and ardor against the beloved.

Dark red: represents stability, the continuity and immortality.

Pink: it is a symbol of youth and vitality and communicates a love at the dawn, the basis for a lasting relationship; pink symbolizes admiration and friendship.

Orange: conveys the joy, the joy and contentment to a statement already reached, exhibits a stable and satisfactory love.

Yellow: usually it is associated with infidelity and betrayal, never given away a yellow rose to your love! But is however a symbol of opulence, fame and success.

Green: it symbolizes the hope and the dream or a threat already avoided, but also confidence and joy.

Light blue: light blue is a symbol of opposition and agitation due to concerns of varied origin.

Turquoise: represents contentment for those who work with determination in the fields of art or science.

Lilac: it is the sincere and selfless love, even though it is simply referred to friends.

Violet: it symbolizes an insurmountable confidentiality communicating emotions of modesty, shyness, generosity and humility.

White: on the contrary of the red, it is par excellence the symbol of purity, of the candor, of innocence and modesty, it expresses a genuine and sincere appearance. White flowers are an excellent choice for weddings, baptisms, communions, confirmations.