Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

13 July 2016 0 By admin

One of the most important feasts, is that of Mother’s Day and in this day, we, InternationalFlora have thought to give You some advice, a list of flowers for this event.

The Azalea is “Pure Love” and the colour we recommend is pink.

The Cyclamen is the perfect Amulet against misfortune and pink is best suited.

The Calle are the “Divine Purity” by far even for their color White.

The dahlia is the “Femininity” in the round with its pink colour, its “Elegance” with white colour, and absolute “Admiration” with orange colour.

The Sunflower is a whole “Joy” because of its yellow colour.

The Orchid expresses the absolute “Purity” with its white colour.

Daisies are like “Stars Bright” with their colour white, they represent their “goodness of mind” with the colour pink.

Potentilla is the “mother love“, when it rains the big leaves close to protect small flowers, so “Strength and Power” with its colours white, pink and yellow.

The rose shows the true “Energy” which every mum has with its orange colour, and the “Clarity and Transparency” which transmits with its white colour.

Tulips are a request for “pardon” with their white colour, they are “Infinite sweetness” with pink colour and a “solar love” with white colours.