Terms and Conditions


Guarantee INTERNATIONAL FLORA: satisfied or refunded.

Our scope is Your full satisfaction. In fact we know what it means to send flowers to a beloved person, to relatives, to friends and people we love, near or far away from us. And we understand the importance of a timely delivery, of fresh flowers and of quality together with cordiality and professionality that only International Flora with its Stores placed everywhere in Italy and in the World can give to You. So if the flowers’ receiver for any reasons isn’t satisfied by the floral gift received, we invite You to call our offices and to inform us in order to offer You always a fast and efficient service.

To allow us to offer a better service is appropriate to keep in consideration some fundamental contitions:

A) Right address

It is important to give us right informations about the place of the delivery and specially an active telephone number without wich Internationalflora doesn’t take the responsability for missed delivery or late delivery.

B) Products and images

The images of the products are indicative and they always represent the medium dimension of the floral gift. The vases and any other items aren’t included unless this is specified expressly. The photos are a generic representation of the product, which, packaged by different florists, with fantasy, style and personal expierence, can be different from place to place. So every floral composition is unique and handmade, so there won’t be never two compositions which are the same. Anyway our maximum effort is so that the ordered gift will be as much as possible like the photo and the description. The roses won’t be never replaced with other flowers or other floral products without asking You Your permission. In same cases, the local florists may not have in their shops the ordered items so we will go on with an accurate subsitution with an item of the same value or higher value compared to which You have ordered. Our policy is in any case in order to satisfy the customer and to maintain the value of the chosen product.

C) Flower: Exceptions about the chosen product.

Since the products are fresh flowers, rarely it can happen that parzially or totally the product and the chosen tipology for any reason isn’t available at the moment of the delivery. In this case a floral gift of the same amount will be delivered anyway, trying to keep as much as possible the colour and the combination for the occasion of the delivery. (i.e.: a funeral bouquet won’t be delivered in place of a festive event like birthday or marriage). The costumer accepts these conditions, has to ask and to ascertain in advance if the chosen product is available in that place, and if it isn’t, it will be valid which is written in “exceptions about delivery” and it won’t be advanced any partial or total refund request.

D) Delivery of cakes, sweets and fresh products: Conditions and Exceptions.

All the cakes, sweets and fresh gifts selected are realized before the delivery by our confectioners affiliated. In some and rare cases, since the tipology and the particularity of our service and our “fresh products”, it is possible that at the moment of the delivery for some reason, the cake, the sweets or the fresh product selected isn’t available exactly in flavor (i.e.: chocolate, Nutella, cream). In this case International Flora will change without notice the product with another available at that moment of the same value maintaining the tipology selected (i.e.: a cake won’t be never change with assorted sweets). The customer accepts these conditions, has to ask and to ascertain in advance if the chosen product is available in that place, and if it isn’t, it will be valid which is written in “Conditions and Exceptions” and it won’t be advanced any partial or total refund request. International Flora delivers cakes, sweets and fresh gifts also in the same day. However it is better that the orders for these products may reach with some days in advance, in order to satisfied as better as possible and precisely Your request.

E) Delivery times

International Flora guarantees the delivery the same day if the order reaches within the maximum time established. Over the limit time International Flora delivers everywhere in Italy also within 2 hours, in this case You have to choose the option “urgent delivery”. The delivery on Sunday is possible if the order reaches on Saturday, however in many case with the option “Urgent Delivery” or “delivery on Sunday and Holidays” the delivery is in the same Sunday. In any case we will do everything to satisfy the request also when it isn’t happened.

F) Delivery outside Italy

All the orders which provide the delivery outside Italy have to reach to International Flora with at least 24 hours in advance. It is better to contact us for more informations. The orders abroad will have an overcharge of 50 euro necessary for the delivery outside Italy. In case it is indicated the delivery in the same day of the order, (specially if the order is realized in the afternoon) the order will be delivered the day after.

G) Special occasions and local celebrations

In general in view of particular celebrations is better always to do the order with 2-3 days in advance. In every case International Flora will accept Your orders until we are able to dispatch them correctly. However in case of special occasions it can’t be guaranteed the punctuality of the delivery for orders reached last minute and the delivery will be done as soon as possible. In most important Holidays the floral orders are dispatched without time constraint, so the delivery will be done in the daytime. It is our interest anyway, as it possible, to try to meet Your requests.

In particular, for the following dates:

Valentine’s day: In general it is better to make the order some days in advance, because at a certain point it is possible, for the high demand, that the orders will be stopped if they are made last minute. The deliveries will be made in the day without the possibility to choose time slot that is peremptory time.

Women’s day: It is better to make the order some days in advance, because at a certain point it is possible, for the high demand, that the orders will be stopped if they are made last minute. The deliveries will be made in the day without the possibility to choose time slot that is peremptory time.

Mother’s day: It is better to make the order some days in advance; since this festivity is always on Sunday, in some particular cases, the flowers could be delivered on Saturday evening. For the orders last minute it is available the option “urgent delivery” also the same Sunday.

Christmas and New Year’s day: In general, save troubles, we can deliver also on Christmas and/or New Year’s day (but the order has to be made well in advance). For the orders last minute or in case of troubles in the delivery, the same will be made the following first working day compared to 25th December and 1st January.

Local Holidays: If the date of the delivery coincides with a local Holidays in the destination country, and our local Florist is closed, the floral gift will be sent automatically at the first available date, even if International Flora will do everything in order to respect the requested date also contacting florists from neighboring countries.


In case You need to send flowers respecting strictly a timetable, we ask You to contact in advance our staff in order to ascertain You that what You ask is possible to realize. All our efforts will be turned in order to satisfy Your request.

I) Hospital, hotels and deliveries at offices

So that the deliveries at hospitals, hotels or offices will be successful, it is necessary to indicate also the telephone number of the hospital, hotel or company, in addition to that of the receiver. In the case of hospitals it is essential also the number of the room. International Flora will send Your floral gift in accordance with the procedures and the rules of the destination structures, so it can’t be considered responsible if these procedures prevent the successful delivery. In fact many hospitals doesn’t allowed  to florists to deliver personally the flowers at patients’ rooms. International Flora won’t repay if the delivery won’t be successful because of rules imposed by the destination structure.

L) Cancellation and Change of order

In case You want to cancel or change the “typology of the bouquet” of an order, the refund or the change will be accorded only if the request is made within 2 hours, however in some cases and if the order hasn’t been already managed, it is at the discretion of International Flora to cancel or modify the order also after 2 hours. If the staff decides to repay the order (because for example it is canceled by the applicant or because for causes indipendent from International Flora the delivery hasn’t been done) the staff will repay the amount paid curtailed by 7% equivalent to the banking charges incurred by International Flora.

In case You make by mistake 2 identical orders, one of them can be fully repayed, after Your timely request, only if it hasn’t been already advanced to the receiver. In contrary case any repay won’t be issued and we will deliver two products. International Flora can’t be consider responsible for double orders isssued by mistake.

N) Change of order details

In general the order’s details can be modified contacting our offices within 2 hours by the order or anyway in good time so that it is possible such request. In front of wrong information, International Flora doesn’t take responsibility for problems occurred in the delivery. In any case we will always try to meet You in all possible case; if the address is wrong we will try to contact You in order to have more information, but we are not responsible in case it will be impossible to contact You by phone. In any case we will try to deliver one more time in the same day and in some cases also the following day according to availability, but this depends on the new given address. In some and rare cases, instead, it will be necessary to pay at least the cost of the new delivery, whereas in cases the address is entirely different from the previous one, the order will be considered correctly despatched.

O) Demand for integration

In very rare cases we have to contact You to ask a integration in order to deliver with success the flowers. On our website in fact there are the standard prices calculated making a national avarege. However rare circumstances can make difficult the delivery in particular places or situations. It must be necessary to ask You an integration of the price:

-if the address of delivery of the order is a remote place and the florist needs extra delivery costs for the long distance.

-if particular articles are out of stock and we need to replace them with others considerably more expensive.

-if for special events or occasions market prices are increased exaggeratedly

-if for other valid reasons the delivery can’t be made at the normal selling price.

In any case we will contact You quickly in order to have Your availability for the integration. If You don’t want to make the integration, we will fully repay the order.

P) Wrong details credit card

In case You give us wrong details of credit card, we will immediately contact You in order to have right details before placing the order. In any case International Flora isn’t responsible for any problems after the wrong details given by our costumer.

Q) Other cases where International Flora isn’t responsible:

-of the bad conservation of flowers or plants deliver to a wrong address given by the costumer.

-deterioration of flowers and plants due to delivery delays because of wrong information given by the costumer or if You ask for a delivery to a different address compared to that of the order.

-failed successful delivery when the receiver isn’t present at the address given by the costumer and it results not to be found.

-if in case of wrong address or unavailability of the receiver, the sender doesn’t give us promptly an other address.


Delivery flowers abroad, outside Europe: Regulatory of delivery.
Art.1 – For delivery abroad our company relies on third agencies for delivery to receiver. So despite of deliveries in Italy and Europe, often, because of the nature and according to availability, the chosen bouquet in the image can vary in shape and in colour compared to that represented. The buyer is aware of such regulatory. International Flora will do everything in order to respect  as much as possible the bouquet represented in the image.

Art.2 – The time and the date of delivery abroad (outside Europe) aren’t consider strictly because of the distance and our collaboration with third agencies for the flowers’ delivery. In general the date of the delivery is respected, but the order can be made by International Flora within 4 working days from the date of the order without the costumer claims any refund request. The buyer is aware of this regulatory and accepts the modality. International Flora will do everything in order to respect time of delivery also abroad.

Art.3 – All additional gifts: Chocolates, vases, Peluches and all that is combined, are indicative in delivery abroad because of the nature and the diversity of existing products and available in every continent or country. So International Flora won’t change the tipology of the chosen product, (a box of chocolates will be a box of chocolates), but the product in the image won’t be the same in shape, in colour and in the brand. The buyer is aware of such regulatory.

NORMAL DELIVERY TIMES: In Italy from 9 am to 8 pm


Urgent deliveries guarantee the delivery 1/2 hours after the receiving payment. This period of time is from the opening time of our stores, which can vary for every single city. In general the opening time is from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm. In Holidays and eves, the warranty of the urgent delivery is from 1 to 3 hours. On Sunday urgent deliveries aren’t made. The consumer accepts these conditions for the service of urgent delivery.


Peremptory delivery is available in the day from 10 am to 7 pm and if it is chose the day before the delivery, it is available before 5 pm. If such option is selected out of the time of availability of the service, it will be made as urgent delivery and the order will have priority over all others. The consumer accepts these conditions for the service of peremptory delivery.

U) Claim

Possible claims have to be brought to attention to International Flora mentioning the number of the order, informations of the sender and, specially giving clear photos which put in evidence what is not appreciated in the delivered product. In any case, all the claims have to reach to International Flora within 48 hours from the delivery date, this is because of the tipology of the product, if the product is fresh can be subject to mutations in the course of time, so all claims received after the limit indicated are evaluated with reserve. In case of mistakes by International Flora, we will repay totally or partially the order, but You can’t ask the society any refund for MORAL DAMAGE.

V) International Flora declines any responsibiliy and/or damages derived from direct or indirect causes refer to missed delivery of an order. In case Your order is not delivered for any reason, International Flora is subject to exclusively total refund of the amount paid, or alternately the redelivery of the order at costumer’s discretion. For any legal disputes is competent the Court of Lecce.

Z) Gifts and Conditions

When You buy a bouquet together with Gifts (necklaces, watches, fashion accessories or anything else), rarely it may happen that the product is not available. In this case the gift will be varied with another which has the same brand or an higher value compared to the other. The buyer accepts at the moment of the purchase such condition.

Z1) Regulamentation Gifts with international delivery outside Italy

Gifts together with flowers with delivery outside Italy are committed to a third express courier for the delivery, so any delays due to the courier are not attributed to International Flora. However rarely it may happen that the gift causes delays to the delivery. The buyer accepts such conditions and no complaints can be advanced in case of delays due to a third courier.