Send fowers to India



India is the second country most populous in the world and the seventh largest. Particularly remembered for its rich flora, the National Park of the Valley of Flowers is a credit to the country and a great natural heritage, considered an UNESCO world heritage in which live many species of flowers that characterize the Indian territory, like wild flowers, such as the prickly poppy and Indian maple. The flowers are also present in clothing typical of Indian women, a traditional clothing influenced by culture, the geographical location and climate.

Send flowers to India is an idea definitely very welcome and InternationalFlora offers you many varieties of bouquet to give to those you love and to those who want. Together with the floral composition is possible to add a gadget and a note on which you can write your heartfelt feelings that because of the distance you can not express daily. If you want to send a bouquet of flowers for the birthday of a friend or relative you can rely on InternationalFlora that will deliver at home your floral gift also in the capital city New Delhi or in other Indian cities.

New Delhi, city of strong cultural importance, It was the World Book Capital in 2003 and boasts many cultural buildings and art galleries. The capital is important also from the economic point of view as well as throughout the Indian country, which reflects an unequal distribution of wealth.


The cities in which we guarantee the delivery are: Agra, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kānpur, Lucknow, Ludhiāna, Mumbai, Nāgpur, Patna, Raigarh Fort, Sūrat, Tuticorin, Poona.