Send flowers to Greece



Thinking about Greece the first thought goes to the sun, to the seaside and to the enchanting beaches and the wonderful landscapes. All this is what Greece offers, the Hellenic country. Located in southern Europe, the country is characterized by a mild climate, with cool winters and hot summers. Athens is the capital of Greece, is a vital and modern city, enriched by buildings from the ancient time, by archaeological museums and squares that attracts many tourists from around the world in the traditional taverns. Cities such as Thessaloniki and Patras are the destination of millions of foreigners, who, each year, fascinated by the culture, by history and by the beauty of the country, come to visit. Another object of cult is the Greek cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine that boasts centuries of culinary tradition.

InternationalFlora offers the possibility to send flowers to Greece; who would not want a beautiful and fragrant floral composition or a bouquet of red roses? If the distance separates you physically, you can still feel close with a beautiful floral thought, maybe together with a gadget and a note in which you can write some words about love. InternationalFlora guarantees the delivery at home and we rely on the best florists in the world that manifactured a floral composition with style and originality.


The cities in which we guarantee the delivery are: Aigáleo, Akharnaí, Amaroúsion, Atene, Irákleion, Kalamariá, Kallithéa, KeratsÍnion, Khalándrion, Lárisa, Marousi, Néa Liósia, Néa SmÍrni, NÍkaia, Patrasso, Peristérion, Pireo, Salonicco, Volos, Vrilissia.