Send flowers abroad



Send flowers abroad is possible today with InternationalFlora, an international e-commerce which can allow you to send in every part of the world your flowers bouquet or a wonderful plant. We guarantee the delivery in all continents: Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Send flowers abroad is an original and surprising idea which transcends every boundary and the delivery will be at home without problems, because the best florists we work with, work on site and they will deliver fresh flowers in perfect time. On the web site InternationalFlora, visiting our catalog you will find a lot of compositions for everyone, from bouquet of mixed flowers, to hearts of roses or ornamental plants, succulents or fruit plants. You can send flowers abroad together with a beautiful gadget which could be a teddy bear, a bottle of sparkling wine or a box of chocolates. In order to make it even sweeter the gift you can add a delicious cake chosen from the catalog: Sacher cake, Mimosa cake, chocolate cake, cream cake, Hazelnut cake or fruit cake. Send flowers abroad is convenient and guaranteed by our service which is leader in the field for years.

Whether for business reasons you are far away from your loved ones or from your beloved, with our service of flowers delivery abroad you could be close to anyone who wishes and you will get straight to the heart. In every part of the world we will deliver at home your flowers bouquet or the plant you want to send. There are many festivities during the year that you can not miss and if the distance is a problem, InternationalFlora wants to break these barriers in order to allow you to be close to anyone and give an emotion also thousands of kilometers away. Send flowers abroad is very easy and you can do this also at home with your computer; you only have to visit the web site, choose the bouquet you want and with a click you would have sent a beautiful floral gift together with a note so that you can express your most sincere feelings and we will deliver it directly to the recipient’s home. If you don’t want to make mistakes and you want to make a good impression, visit our blog or select the category “recurrences” and you will find excellent and useful advice about which flower is more suitable to a given holiday or event. Following our advices you can not make mistakes and send flowers abroad will be the solution to to all your problems. Because flowers are the most beautiful and appreciated gift you could do and it will be appreciated by adults and children, by friends and relatives and certainly by the woman or the man loved. Also for a less pleasant occasion like a funeral we have the solution for you. We will send also abroad a funeral wreath, a funeral cushion, a crown or a funeral composition also abroad and you can do an honorable and respectable thing als being physically distant, but close with the thought.

Our collaborators will be at your disposal in case of questions or doubts about the delivery. Send flowers abroad is a service which InternationalFlora carries out with professionalism thanks to the collaboration of the best florists in Italy and all over the world, selected for their good taste packaged in floral arrangements with style and originality. Distances are no more an obstacle and send flowers abroad is the example. You will give a smile to your mother, your grandmother who maybe you can’t see very often, but she is always in your thoughts and in your heart. If you can’t be with them, at least with a significant gesture you will be and you will make happy a lot of people without losing time or making much effort. Send flowers abroad is the way!