Rome: Floral Delivery home to Rome


 scritta_roma: capital city of Italy, is considered by many as one of the most beautiful and charming city in the whole world. The natural beauties of the city of Rome are identified in the historic centre, in the Basilica of Saint Paul and in the many properties of the Holy See. When you arrive for the first time at Rome, the thing that attracts you more is the intense fragrance of the fresh air, sweetened by the many fragrances and perfume coming from flowers and gardens scattered practically everywhere. For a moment you have the sensation to stay in a small resort on the sea. The ancient city of Rome and the modern one are mixed with extreme naturalness in a ceaseless union. Cars and taxi whizzing frantically on the ancient roads characterized by paving stone honed over time.The city of Rome has to be seen very quietly, in every single street, in every single monument, with the churches which deserved particular attention. Ancient palaces have to be absolutely visited as well as the characterized terraces. The population of Rome is proud of the capital city. Among the most popular neighborhoods, those of Testaccio and Trastevere as well as Piazza Trilussa at Campo dei Fiori  which are filled, in the evening, by the Roman nightlife. In Rome there is always a lot of people in the streets in any hours of the day or in the night. Rome is a city full of colours and traditions: it’s a live city. Typical locals as well as restaurants have kitchens opened till late. It is easy to find in the evening entire families or groups of guys intent to consume local products till late evening. Unique is the wine and food culture of the city of Rome deeply rooted. Also during the Summer the city is full of tourists coming from all over the world. Steep roads which bring to the hills seem to capture the magic of the past. many lovers seal the promises of love precisely in Rome for his unforgettable charm. The heat of the city of Rome is that of their inhabitants, and it is palpable in the various forms of cordiality expressed with small gestures by Romans. The most important neighborhoods of the capital city in which is possible to send flowers and plants at home with express international delivery are: Flaminio, Parioli, Pinciano, Salario, Nomentano, Tiburtino, Prenestino – Rabicano, Tuscolano, Appio – Latino, Ostiense, Portuose, Gianicolense, Aurelio, Trionfale, Della Vittoria, Monte Sacro, Trieste, Tor di Quinto, Prenestino – Centocelle, Ardeatino, Pietralata, Collarino, Alessandrino, Don Bosco, Appio Claudio, Appio Pignatelli, Primavalle, Monte Sacro Alto, Ponte Mammolo, San Basilio, Giuliano – Dalmata, Europa, Beach of Ostia Ponente, Beach of Ostia Levante and Beach of Castel Fusano.