Flowers to give for Birthday

In this occasion why don’t wish a happy Birthday in an original way giving a great bouquet of beautiful flowers? We, InternationalFlora, have tought to give You some useful advice. Regardless of age, Flowers are a gift always appreciated specially if we know which is the flower that she or he more likes. One of these is Iris, a flower which transmits positive feelings, best wishes, absolute trust, friendship affection. Dahlia represents a wish for long life and so it’s perfect as flower for a birthday, but only to very special people. Also Cyclamen indicates a sincere friendship, a real amulet against bad luck. Gardenia, instead, represents liking: giving this plant with its big white or yellow flowers, very fragrant, is a good idea for birthday. Yellow Jasmine is a wish for happiness. Also Wisteria represents longevity, Periwinkle represents fidelity in long-term relationships by periwinkle blue shades, blue lilac, violet or pink demonstrates love You feel for the receiver, a member of the family or a friend.

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