Flowers to give for a birth

One of the most joyous occasions is the birth of a child and it is a nice gesture to deliver the flowers to the Mother as a welcome. We, InternationalFlora, have thought to give You some advice for this long awaited occasion. Very important thing you should choose flowers that do not have a strong, intense fragrance, delicate colours, small roses or tulips are the most suitable. the colours white and ivory, are symbol of purity and innocence, also if it’s a girl can juxtapose flowers with pink accents just to indicate the sweetness and elegance of the future woman. Some examples are roses, lilies, daisies and lilium. If the newcomer is a boy will match the white flowers like roses, daisies, lilies, flowers with shades of blue and light blue. In this occasion reigns simplicity and delicacy, just what transmits every child.

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