Flowers for the Mother’s Day

festa_della_mammaMother’s Day: flowers for the mother’s day at home, plants, bouquet, roses, etc. In Italy mother’s day was celebrated for the first time in 1957 by Mr Migliosi, a priest from the province of  Assisi. Only afterwards the mother’s day has been part of our calendar and it is celebreted every year the second Sunday of May. This isn’t  a recurrence only in Italy but it’s widespread practically all over the world. His origins date back to ancient population, who, during the warm period, celebrated female divinities related to land and fertility finally newfound. In modern age, on the contrary, mother’s day is celebrated in different ways according to the country in which it’s celebrated. An element which joins, however, all countries is that they have put and still put in the middle tha mother and her role within the first istitution which is the family. In England Mother’s Day wasn’t intended as an occasion to celebrate the mother with gifts or with flowers, but it had a completely different meaning. The festivity, in ancient times was called “Mothering Sunday” and it was the fourth Sunday of Lent of Easter. In the occasion, all children who lived far away from their families could finally come back home for a single but important day. Gradually it has spread the tradition of gathering at half of the period of Lent Easter to celebrate with the own family and specially the mother, considered a fundamental element. Guys who made surprise to their mother brought or delivered with international delivery services at distance (like international Flora) flowers or other gits in general. The tradition of the “Mothering Sunday” survives still today in England, where it’s most commonly known as “Mother’s Day”. Flowers and plants always are delivered at distance with international services of Internationalflora. Unlike England, in the States the “Mothering Sunday” at first wasn’t successful, because the population was a little hesitant to popular traditions, but afterwards for matters related to soldiers at war and to return to the homeland, the United States of America’s president of the time Woodrow Wilson, in order to show deep respect for all mothers, by a resolution of the Congress, established the “Mother’s Day” setting as festivity day the second Sunday of May. Like all the years AIRC, Italian Association for Cancer Research, for Mother’s day is in the Italian squares with the Azalea for the Research. In order to pay homage all the mothers of the world, International Flora offers a sales service of flowers and plants online with delivery at home in Italy and in all over the world (international delivery of flowers and plants at home).