Payments with PayPal

PayPal is the platform for payments more widespread and more used by shops online of all over the world. The main reason is the guarantee of security and privacy which offers to sellers and buyers.

Our website offers this service to our costumers who have the possibility to pay the order easily and safety at 100%.

Who makes the purchase and selects PayPal in order to make the payment, can choose to pay with his own credit card, or with his own PayPal Account (if you haven’t it the registration is completely free).

The credit cards accepted by the circuit PayPal are the following:
Visa MasterCard Carta prepagata PayPal Postepay American Express Carta Aura Ricarica PayPal

After choosing your floral gift and, indicated the necessary data for the delivery, choosing PayPal as payment modality click on Make the order. You will be addressed to the page of payment.

– If you want to pay with Credit Card, insert directly the data of the card as indicated in the form * and click on the button “Pay”. If all data are correct and the transaction is successful, you will have the attestation of the success and the order will go to work. **

* The data collected in the form WON’T be visualized and/or saved by International Flora because this form, even if it is hosted in the website, communicate only exclusively with the secure server of PayPal which will send to International Flora exclusively the outcome of the transaction.

** If it isn’t possible to visualize the form of payment hosted on the website, click on the button “Pay with PayPal” in the bottom in order to be addressed on the platform PayPal and make the payment.

– If  you have a PayPal Account (or if you want to create a new one), click on “Pay with PayPal”. The system will address the user to the page in which insert credentials of the account in order to make the payment. After completing the procedure the user will come back to the website in which will receive the confirmation of the success of the transaction with summary of the order which will be already in processing.